• Wedding Anniversary Meanings – Where Did They Come From

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    Don’t you love traditions? The tradition of celebrating your wedding anniversary has been around a long time. Most are aware that there is an extensive list of traditional and modern symbols for each anniversary. So where did the wedding anniversary meanings originally come from?

    The origin of the 25th wedding anniversary symbol, which is silver, can be traced back to medieval Germany. When a couple had been married for 25 years they were honored by a silver wreath being placed on the head of the wife. If a couple made it to 50 years of marriage a gold wreath was used – thus the golden anniversary was born!

    Worldwide this has been adopted as the standard for wedding anniversary celebrations. The silver and golden wedding anniversaries are well known worldwide, but what about the other years meanings?

    Throughout time different materials became associated with the various wedding anniversaries, and eventually it was put into one big list – the traditional anniversary symbols. Later on some felt the traditional list was out of date, a new list was started – the modern anniversary symbols.

    Celebrating a wedding anniversary is one of the most common worldwide customs. What symbol are you up to?

    List of Wedding Anniversaries:

    1st Year… Traditional – Paper – Modern – Clock

    2nd Year… Traditional – Cotton/Straw – Modern – China

    3rd Year… Traditional – Leather – Modern – Crystal/Glass

    4th Year… Traditional – Books/Flowers/Fruit – Modern – Linen/Silk

    5th Year… Traditional – Wood – Modern – Silverware

    6th Year… Traditional – Iron/Sugar – Modern – Wood

    7th Year… Traditional – Copper/Wool – Modern – Desk set

    8th Year… Traditional – Bronze/Pottery – Modern – Lace/Linen

    9th Year… Traditional – Pottery/Willow – Modern – Leather

    10th Year… Traditional – Aluminum/Tin – Modern – Diamond jewelry

    11th Year… Traditional – Steel – Modern – Fashion jewelry

    12th Year… Traditional – Linen/Silk – Modern – Color gems/Pearls

    13th Year… Traditional – Lace – Modern – Furs/Textiles

    14th Year… Traditional – Ivory – Modern – Gold jewelry

    15th Year… Traditional – Crystal – Modern – Watches

    20th Year… Traditional – China – Modern – Platinum

    25th Year… Traditional – Silver – Modern – Silver

    30th Year… Traditional – Pearls – Modern – Diamond jewelry

    35th Year… Traditional – Coral – Modern – Jade

    40th Year… Traditional – Ruby – Modern – Ruby

    45th Year… Traditional – Sapphire Modern – Sapphire

    50th Year… Traditional – Gold – Modern – Gold

    55th Year… Traditional – Emerald – Modern – Emerald

    60th Year… Traditional – Diamond – Modern – Diamond

    70th Year… Traditional – Diamond/Platinum – Modern – Platinum

    75th Year… Traditional – Diamond – Modern – Diamond

    When celebrating your wedding anniversary it can make it all the more special when the associated gifts are followed. It also gives you a great starting point for gift ideas!

    Along with the traditional and modern lists there are associated gemstones and flowers with each wedding anniversary.

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